Società di Danza Circolo Bolognese - Associazione Culturale diretta da Alessia Branchi

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Societą di Danza

Società di Danza Circolo Bolognese – Associazione Culturale diretta da Alessia Branchi

Circolo Bolognese

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What We Dance

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eing a form of mimicry and aesthetics, dance, since its earliest origins, has always been an expression of culture, elegance and good manners….
Arising from the rhythm of movement and from the charm of music, dance is an almost instinctive pleasure and seems to be designed to express the joy of life.

ith these words G. Gavina, one of the greatest dancing-master of the century, opened his 1914 volume dedicated to XIX century traditional dances entitled “Balls of Yesterday”. Just in those words we recognise the spirit which inspired the group of young students who in 1991 founded the Società di Danza in Bologna.

he Società di Danza emerged from a workshop experience organized by the department of Music and Recreation of the University of Bologna, and nowadays it is a cultural association which carries out historical researches about XIX century trditional dances. Its purpose is to connect philological exactness in the interpretation of old dance manuals, with the opportunity of reviving old dances in a contemporary social framework.

altzes, polkas, mazurkas, quadrilles and country dances come back to embellish the ancient ball rooms, theatres and splendid squares of many Italian towns, giving life to a way of dancing which purpose is not only the pursuit of artistic value, but also the pleasure of socializing.

he starting point is society dance of the first decades of XIX century, which was a widespread custom in European tradition, but restricted to a narrow social group: aristocracy, the court, the upper middle class and wealthy and cultured people. The destiny, fashions and lifestyles of these social groups blended together continuously during the century, and the result was that people danced in the same way in Rome as well as in Paris, in Bologna as well as in London. The “Società di Danza” makes a travel in the past in order to restore a tradition which got lost over the XX century, and seeks for artistic design and technique of composition in the testimony of XIX century dancing masters, without falling into mere philology.
The “Società di Danza” is situated in different Italian towns (Bologna, Modena, Pisa, Livorno, Ferrara, Faenza, etc.) where weekly classes are dedicated to the study of dance techniques and the culture of society dance.

esides, the “Società di Danza” organizes special courses, both practical and theoretical, in cooperation with dancing masters coming from all over Europe.
The “Circolo Bolognese” is an associate of The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society of Edimburgh, which propagates country dances tradition all over the world.



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